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Oepss  ... you found me.

Niet te toetsen in Arts and Crafts met als uitgangspunt het perspectief in oculair.

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"Works of art make rules; rules do not make works of art"

Claude Debussy

Perspectief in ocular.

The art and technique of photography allows you to create and shape your own images with different cameras, lenses, lighting and post-processing. The history and development of photography, from the old school to the new school and the freedom of how to convey your own vision and emotion with your photos. Whether I want to convey a philosophical message or not. I strive to tell stories with images that can touch and inspire the viewer.

In 2023 there is a new challenge for me: the meta world. This is a digital world where you can create and explore your own reality. You can turn your photos into 3D models, virtual landscapes and interactive experiences. But also collaborating with other artists and photographers in the meta world, and discovering new forms of expression. In this new direction, I am fascinated by the experimental and creative possibilities of the meta-world, and how you can combine your old-school knowledge and new skills to create unique works again.

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In de  Flasch - Flits - Woofs.

Komunikatie - Communicatie

December 2022

Kommunication - Communication

December 2022

I participated in  -  het Hokjes Denken Doen -  Project, an art project that was part of the Façade in Middelburg 2022. I made a surrealistic photo of a woman called Continua. It is one of five works from a series that I have made. Continua was previously shown at the SMAK in Ghent, where I exhibited together with other Flemish and Dutch artists from Gallerie Terra Groda in Graauw. For me, Continua symbolizes the Creative City Boost project, which I enjoyed working on with regard to my city of Terneuzen. I thought it was a great challenge to support the Zeeland innovators Challange as a cultural professional.


Mijn  NFT collectie.

 Juni  2023

Hey, did you know I have an NFT-ART Portfolio on Rarible? It's a great platform to showcase and sell your art. You can also check out my other portfolio on Opensea where I've made some more cool stuff.

If you like NFT-ART, you should definitely check out the

Exhibition * project NFT *

HulstART. 04-05/ 21-6-2023

s. Gravenhofstraat 0

4561 AK Hulst. Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. NLD​

There you can see my latest works and also meet other artists. Don't forget to bring your charged handy because you need it to scan and buy the art.

Hope to see you there!

Hulst ART

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In het oog van de storm project

 -The perfect Imperfection -

In the eye of the storm starts 2022
I look for the beauty of the imperfect
The art of wabi-sabi, the Japanese philosophy that teaches to live in the now
To see what is, not what should be
How do I connect with myself and with others?
What gives meaning to my existence?
This year I want to create 12 works that explore these questions
Each work is a snapshot, a reflection, a challenge
The perfect imperfection, a photo project of 25 images
Some hidden, some revealed
A journey through time and space.

  End. 05-2023


Sourir de la Femme 

Februarie  2022

Autonomous series in the context of a Haiku. It contains 12 photographic Femme portraits  on canvas, all 12 of which are related to her own Haiku, which can be filled in on the blank surface by the Betrachters' own inspiration. All 12 works have their own Haiku on the back of the works.

Her exhibition was in 2017  in Landshuis Hulst . Art Hulst gallery.

Some works from the collection are also available online

  Saatschi USA.


One to watch by Elaby maria Berger

November 2023

Below you will find a number of links.  websites that I find interesting and inspiring. They all have to do with culture, art and expression, subjects that really appeal to me. I hope you can also find something to your liking on these pages. Have fun discovering these online treasures!


Tentoonstellings agenda  2023


Kunsthuis Artine.  31-5/06-06-2023

Kursaal oosthelling 6.

8400 oostende . BE.

Galerie Kunsthuis Artine

Zeeuws colorama collectief

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4531 AR  Terneuzen

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